Meet Luna

Unity to HTML5 converter SDK that is fast, compact and customizable

Export your Unity game into a HTML5-native format

Luna's overhead is only 450Kb on top of your assets!

Unlike WebAssembly and asm.js, mobiles can run it too

Built-in support for Facebook Messenger deployment and APIs

Camera- and world-space canvas with most elements supported

Strong support for 3D graphics: lights, meshes, animations...

Split the app into asset bundles and load them on demand

Automated migration of standard and custom materials

Flexible asset export settings for fine-tuning web builds

No asm.js makes Luna's products as fast as they can be on the web

Unlike Emscripten, the output JS is readable and debuggable

Patch any part for performance gains, specific use-case or just for fun

Great performance & low overhead

Luna's footprint is just around 450kb and is static, enabling developers to create right HTML5 games of just a few megabytes in size, which, in its turn, allows for fast load times, great performance and low system requirements.

Rich feature support

Unlike most of alternatives, Luna supports various subsystems of Unity, including 2D and 3D, UI elements, Audio Sources and Mixers, Mecanim and so on. This means you don't have to think of workarounds and compromises – just use your favorite tools and workflows and let Luna handle conversion for you.

No more mangled code

As Luna doesn't utilize asm.js, the output product's code is readable by humans. This means developers can debug it, tweak and change as per specific project's needs and optimize in a creative manner.

You are in a great company!

Luna currently powers multiple games, promo sites and Facebook Canvas applications, totaling to millions of daily active users – isn't it the best proof the technology really works?