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A-bot is online PvP strategy game based on “Risk” board game with the battle mechanics taken from Dice Wars. A player stands for his hero on the battlefield, continuously developing hero, unlocking new spells, power ups, upgrading troops etc.


The core loop is contained within the PvP battle, where a player gets a random opponent (or opponents) over the internet. The battle starts on a map divided into multiple parts (further referenced as cells). Initially, each player is assigned the same number of cells. One cell is dedicated to player’s hero, other – to troops. The number of troops in every cell is random but total number of troops is the same for every player.


The battle itself is turn­ based. Each turn a player can do the following actions:

– Use hero abilities

Spells have cooldown and mana cost. There are three types of spells: AOE, global and directional (could be applied on opponent’s cell or hero).

– Order troops to attack an adjacent cell.

Troops can attack any opponent’s cell they are in contact with. If the attack succeeds all survived troops (except random one) are moved to the target cell. If the the attack fails the source cell loses all but one (random troop) from the initial cell army while the enemy cell remains untouched



Unity 3D, Docker, Zookeeper, Redis, MySQL, SQLite, DCell, Protobuf, 0mq, Ruby, C