Your backend, secured

With 10+ years of experience, our developers can build you backend solutions of arbitrary complexity and performance

Best platforms

Whether you aim at high performance and want to use Node.js or fast iterations is of utter importance and that dictates Ruby on Rails, we are ready to build your solution from the group up

Deploy anywhere

The experts of On The Spot have very broad experience with cloud providers as well as bare metal. Not only we build robust backend solutions, but can also take on DevOps and DBA pieces of work so that you get everything from one vendor

  • Amazon, Digital Ocean, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
  • Bare metal

Professional live ops

Our expertise in building custom backend solution goes well beyond "just programming". We are glad to help with ongoing maintenance, setup proper monitoring, and alert systems, recommend the specs of the hardware for optimal cost-to-performance ratio and much more!

We offer Backend Solutions - Software, Mobile app, Web Backend Development Solutions