From $0 to $100m – Lessons Learned from Lior Shiff

Lior Shiff

In the summer of 2007, Lior Shiff and his co-founder Jose, bootstrapped “Product Madness” out of their living room in San Francisco. Today the company is generating well over $100 mil in revenue annually with offices around the world. Lior will share the lessons learned during this journey, about entrepreneurship, the challenges of managing a growing games company and selling the company.

Lior Shiff is originally from Israel, Lior starts a company in California called “Product Madness” as an e-commerce company, the company was changed to Social games company after a few years, and then he sold the company to a company called Aristocrat.

Lior talks about his journey – What did he learn? What did he take away from his experience? What are his recommendations? What are the important things when starting a company? How to get your company from 0 dollars to 100 million dollars?



“Starting a company is like a rollercoaster ride – you need to be aware it is going have really bad days and really good days”

“I would recommend when you start your company to have a partner, it is really important to have someone who can pick you up on the bad days”

“Ideas are overrated – look at all the successful companies out there, they ended up doing some things very different then what they started doing, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, and don’t wait for a magical idea to start a company”

From the Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2015.

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