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On The Spot Development – Outsource Software, Games,
and Mobile apps Development.

The Company

‘On The Spot Development’ is a boutique software development company, which brings together a unique blend of technological know-how and creativity, to build bespoke world-class software solutions for our clients.

Our multi-talented teams are based in the UK, Israel, and Belarus and offer the perfect mix of seasoned experts and innovative rising talent across all areas of the digital spectrum. The team can build anything from MVPs to high scale infrastructure, providing inspirational leading-edge solutions, no matter what your software needs are. OTS was co-founded by Lior Shiff (Chairman) who is an Israeli serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor based out of London, Anton Zhuravsky and Yegor Tsirkun.

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Core Team

Meet our core management team, and don’t hesitate to contact any of us!

On The Spot London
Lior Shiff

Co-founder & Chairman

London | Headquarters

Co-founder & CTO
Anton Zhuravsky

Co-founder & Technical Advisor

Minsk | Research and Development Center

Co-founder & CEO
Yegor Tsirkun

Co-founder & CEO

Minsk | Research and Development Center

Anton Vasiljev


Minsk | Research and Development Center

Liza Makarevich

Chief Success Manager

Minsk | Research and Development Center

What is our ‘Managed Team’ Solution?

We will assemble a dream team of software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists just for you, with your desired skill set. The team can extend, replace, or act as your sole IT team.
Your exclusive team will increase your productivity while reducing costs. Your team members will work on your project only, with no distractions or side projects.
We get things done on schedule while allowing you to maintain control.

Who is it Good for?

  • You are experiencing a shortage of in-house staff or missing specific tech skills (i.e your team are Java experts, but do not have HTML5 expertise)
  • You need to ramp the team up quickly, but you don’t want to manage hiring, and other HR processes
  • You are having a hard time hiring and securing excellent, cost-effective IT talent in your home location
  • You need to develop new products and features, but you don’t want your core team to lose focus
  • You need to get more done with less money
  • You need the ability to scale your team at a fast pace
Development Team

What Technologies OnTheSpot is Specializing in?

We specialize in some technologies:

  • Server side: Ruby of Rails, Node.js
  • Client side: React, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Mobile Application: Unity, Xamarin
  • Hosting: AWS, Docker

The Hiring Process

You will specify your desired tech skill-set and team composition. We then explore inside the company, with our networks and with recruiters (both in-house and external). We will filter the potential candidates and will select qualified candidates for further interviews and exams to be conducted by our team members. When we find a candidate we like professionally, personally, and commercially – we will introduce you to the candidate. You have the final say regarding hiring people to the team. We will only present to you relevant candidates that pasted our interviews and will not waste your time with non-suitable candidates, as we appreciate your time is valuable.
Please know, all of our team members have good English skills – written and spoken. Furthermore, we supply regular English classes to all employees.

On The Spot Development is listed as one of the Top App Development Companies.

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